Residential Home Security Systems

Security is far more than just being protected from an intrusion. It’s about having a total system that fits your lifestyle and complements the activities that occur in and around your home.

Our intelligent home security systems keep you connect to your home at all time. You’ll receive instant notifications should a sensor be tripped – even if you’re on vacation! You can even disarm your system from your smartphone!

If someone rings the doorbell while you’re home, simply view and communicate with them before answering the door – even on a smart phone!


Intrusion Detection

Don’t have a fierce protector? Sensors on the entry points to your home will send an alarm to our monitoring station if triggered by an intrusion; providing 24/7 protection for your family and home.

High/Low Temperature Detection

Going away on holidays? We’ll let you know if the temperature drastically changes in your home on account of a broken furnace or air conditioner.

Ditched Your Landline?

No worries! With our Cellular, Interactive, and Automation bundles you’re entitled to cellular access.


Skip the annoying beeping of your alarm being set while you struggle to get your shoes on and race out the door. Arm and disarm your security system whenever it is convenient for you – from anywhere!

Flood & Water Protection

Early detection is crucial to minimizing flood damage. With water sensors placed in vulnerable areas of your home (near the washing machine, hot water heater, etc.) we’ll notify you at the first sign of trouble.

Live Interactive Doorbell

Instantly making your home smarter, the IQ Doorbell can turn on your porch light or tell your exterior video cameras to start recording. Recorded video clips can be sent directly to your mobile device via text or email, so you know who stopped by.

Instant Notifications

With Interactive Security you can control your security system directly from your smartphone. Arm/disarm your system, check recent activity and receive push notifications in the event of an alarm occurrence. 

Bluetooth Disarming

Every IQ Panel 2 includes a bluetooth radio that allows you to pair up to five smart phones or tablets for Bluetooth Touchless Disarming. When your panel is armed in “away” mode you simply need to come within range and it will disarm automatically. It’s secure, encrypted, and individually authenticated.

Limited Time Promotion

Sign up now for our Silver or Gold bundles and save $20 a month for a full year!

*Requires a 48-month contract. We can customize a Bundle with additional equipment such as a CO detector, moisture sensors, temperature detector, extra door contacts, video camera, video doorbells, etc.)